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Noelle is a Belgian Malinois (pronounced mal-in-wah) and alive today because the FAYMAS mission includes Improving the Quality of Shelter Animals’ Lives by paying for extraordinary veterinary expenses.

Yes, Noelle is a pure breed pup which is unusual for the Metro Animal Shelter. Seldom does the shelter receive pure breeds unless there are issues. In this case, Noelle was dropped off because she had a life threatening medical complication, one the owner did not want to deal with. It was evident to the staff at Metro, Noelle had to see a veterinarian right away and FAYMAS agreed to pay extraordinary costs. Firgrove Veterinary Hospital, which has provided pro bono dental and other care for Metro and has become a new contract veterinarian hospital for the shelter, found she had a telescoping intestine and performed surgery immediately. 

“Intussusception” as it’s called is uncommon, but potentially life-threatening and can occur in dogs and cats of all ages, but puppies and kittens are the most likely ones to develop the problem. Noelle was also diagnosed with two types of intestinal parasites which can also be a cause.

Today, Noelle (now called “Payton”) is a much happier pup. She’s still being treated, but the outlook is bright. She’s on a farm which is an ideal place for this breed of dog.

Her fawn-colored coat and black mask may mean people will mistake her for a small German Shepherd, but the Malinois is a distinct breed known for herding. They are also known for their intelligence, rapid learning ability and drive. She’ll be able to put all that to good use with her new owners. Metro carefully screened her new Forever Family to assure this special girl will have a second chance at a long and productive life.

Thank you Firgrove Veterinary Clinic, Metro Animal Shelter, and Noelle/Payton's new Forever Family!

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Friends At Your Metro Animal Shelter



We are a  FAYMAS and diverse group - young and old, men and women with a variety of backgrounds, education and life experiences. We have one thing in common - a heart for animals, particularly those who can't help themselves. One of the Friends was quoted as saying,

"My pets have been my best friends for as long as I can remember. They cheer me up when I am feeling blue and share in my excitement when I am celebrating. It is a very comforting feeling knowing that my dog will greet me tail-wagging and will instantly brighten up my day as soon as I walk through the door. I haven’t yet met a human that has that same effect on me. There are some people in this world, however, that do not share these feelings. Whatever the circumstances may be, the animal shelter is a safe haven for these pets."

Help us make sure the shelter is a place of comfort for the pets and a bridge to their forever families.


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Featured Stories

 Year End Happy Tails

Working together, Metro and FAYMAS have been responsible for some very happy reunions and pet adoptions in the past year. On average the shelter unites over 350 pets with their Forever Families and re-unites the same number with their owners. Here are a few of the happy tales of happy tails in 2016.

Duke, a Lab mix was found tied to a lawn mower with little food and living in unsanitary conditions. Once the four-month-old pup was brought to the shelter, it was love at first sight and the shelter assistant, Jennifer, adopted him. He’s now one of the Metro greeters!

It’s not only dogs and cats who find loving homes, Petunia Pig was found as a stray. She had parasite related skin issues, but a loving family adopted her as a pet for their rural home. She’s now oinking in appreciation.

Mixon, with eyes of two different, brilliant colors is an older cat whose adoption fee was half paid by FAYMAS. (All adoption fees for pets over 8 years of age are subsidized by FAYMAS). A woman specifically looking for an older animal to adopt because she wants to give the pet loving end of life care, adopted Mixon.

Glorianna, a Pit Bull mix was at the shelter for three months. She was very shy, but with the help of shelter staff and volunteers, learned to trust people. She found her Forever Family who have children. They all adore her. Rocco, another Pit Bull mix found his family because of the shelter. Pit Bulls with the right family are wonderful pets.

There have been a number of stories of folks who find strays and as they should, bring them to the shelter so they may find their owners. Some of these animal lovers come back and adopt the same pet. That was the case for Bells, a beautiful long-haired tabby/torbie.

Shelter staff also look at a multitude of pet websites advertising lost pets in an attempt to get strays back to their rightful owners. That diligence reunited a beautiful yellow lab with his owners, after he had been stolen and sold and then escaped.

Microchips definitely help owners find their pets. FAYMAS pays for microchips for pets found at the shelter when they don’t already have them. The next time the escape artist finds his/her way to the shelter with a microchip, they are home in no time.

The funniest story of 2016 is that of Tootsie and Pappy, two rats. Speaking of escape artists, these two were found rolling down the middle of a street inside their plastic play ball. Talk about ingenuity and a desire to hit the road! They, too, were adopted by their Forever Family and haven’t been seen on the streets since.

FAYMAS, Metro and our furry friends wish you a Happy New Year. Please continue to help us make a difference. Join FAYMAS or donate today. Thank you.

FAYMAS 2017 Calendar Sponsors

Thank you to the local businesses who are showing their support for our furry friends looking for their forever home! We're so glad to have you as part of the FAYMAS Family!

Proceeds from the 2017 calendar will:

  • Pay for extraordinary veterinary expenses and vaccines
  • Subsidize adoption fees for cats and dogs 8 years of age and older
  • Subsidize adoption fees when the shelter is experiencing a "full house."
  • Pay the $30 fee for microchips for animals found by owners at the shelter

Sponsorships are tax deductible! Sponsors are recognized in the calendar and have the option of a page ad. Calendars are available at the Metro Animal Shelter and online from the FAYMAS website. Click 2017 Calendar above.


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