About the FAYMAS Family

FAYMAS - Friends At Your Metro Animal Shelter is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that helps pets at the Metro Animal Shelter, 1200 39th Ave SE, Puyallup, WA 98374. This public shelter has limited resources and has grown from serving two cities in Pierce County to seven, including a city in King County. The mission of FAYMAS is to raise funds through grant writing and public events. Our focus is to increase pet adoptions, improve the quality of shelter animals' lives and to promote spay and neuter. You can make a difference. Join us!

Bonnie King is the President of FAYMAS. She and Vice President Chris Lynch began work to establish FAYMAS in 2013.

Bonnie's been a volunteer photographer at the Metro Animal Services Shelter for the past three years. Her involvement with the shelter has expanded her family to include two cats, Riley and Tot, a newly adopted kitten, Dot, and dog, Charlie.

Prior to starting her photography business in 2009, Bonnie's career path included opportunities in both the private and public sector. She received a BA in Education with a minor in Language Arts from Washington State University. Many years later and as a single mom, she earned her MA from Antioch University - Seattle in Whole Systems Design, also known as organizational development. She's been a grade school teacher in Washington, computer programmer in New York City, a banquet sales officer in Sydney, Australia, and Bonnie retired in 2008 from the Washington State Department of Health as the Director of Health Professions Quality Assurance.

Bonnie is married to Scott Haverly, a retired Army officer. She says her proudest accomplishments include her daughters, Courtney and Kendall. Courtney is a registered nurse in Missoula, Montana and Kendall has started her own LuLaRoe Kendall Joy clothing business. Both are married to wonderful men and she has five grandchildren. 

The proceeds from www.BonnieKingPhotography.com go to Friends At Your Metro Animal Shelter - FAYMAS. She says: 

"This is my time in life to give back and what better way to do that than to help pets find their forever homes."


Chris Lynch is the Vice President of FAYMAS. Joining with Bonnie King, they formed FAYMAS, obtaining 501(c)(3) status in July 2014.

Chris has volunteered at the Metro Animal Shelter for seven years. She not only works at the shelter an average of two days a week, but also fosters kittens, mostly orphans, until they’re old enough to return to the shelter for adoption by their forever family. Chris adopted one of these orphans herself, and has two other cats, also from Metro.

After retiring from State Farm Insurance Companies, where she worked in claims and corporate law for 29 years, Chris moved to Puyallup. Her career path included time in California and Illinois. She has a BA and a JD and is a member of the California Bar.

Chris is married to Bill Tanner, a retired IT manager from M&M/Mars and member of FAYMAS. He’s graciously assisted FAYMAS with computer issues and questions.

Because of her years volunteering at the shelter, Chris quickly agreed to help start FAYMAS. She recently shared these thoughts: 

“I’ve been very impressed with the dedication and love of animals expressed by the animal control officers and staff at the shelter, but also disappointed by what cannot be done because of limited funds received from the seven cities the shelter serves. It’s my hope FAYMAS can supplement the needs of the shelter so everyone can do an even better job for all the animals until they find their forever families.”



Jennifer Waalkes is the Treasurer of FAYMAS. She works in T-Mobile’s Accounting department as a Financial Reporting Manager. She also has previous experience as an auditor for Moss Adams and BDO USA, LLP. Her work experience includes reporting, auditing, and consulting for SEC, governmental, not-for-profit, manufacturing, and construction entities.

Jennifer is engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Patrick, and is excitedly planning their wedding.

Jennifer loves her furry friends, including Molly, her most recent “failed foster” 8-year-old rescue Beagle. She says: 

            “FAYMAS, our new exciting non-profit will fund projects to better the shelter and provide resources that may not have been attainable through other means. I joined the FAYMAS board because pets need a home where they can be wanted and loved. On a daily basis, the shelter makes this happen! While I have used my skill set to support myself over the years, I am excited for the opportunity to put these skills to use for an organization I feel so passionately about."

Daniel Yaron is the Assistant Treasurer of FAYMAS. He is currently attending the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University where he is working toward his bachelor's degree in both Accounting and Finance. Daniel is preparing to sit for the CPA exam with plans to begin a career in public accounting. 

When he is not studying, Daniel enjoys all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Having moved to Washington from his parents home in Kentucky, he takes full advantage of the beautiful outdoors in the Evergreen State. 

Daniel's dog Sam is a fawn-sized German Shepherd, English Mastiff mix who has convinced himself that he is a lap dog. (Sam is still in Kentucky. A friend's dog, Duke, is the stunt double).


Judy Bucholtz is the Secretary of FAYMAS. She has been a licensed insurance agent since 1990 and working with Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company for 16+ years. Her prior experience was as a Pharmacy Technician. She attended Green River and Highline Community Colleges.

Judy is married to Steve who works as a dispatcher for Avis Budget Group. Steve is also a member of FAYMAS and loves animals.

Judy has always been an animal lover.  Growing up, her family had chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and cats. While raising her son, Sean, they had a hedgehog, hamsters, fish and of course, cats and dogs. Currently she has 3 dogs (Annie, Abby & Coco) and 3 cats (Sadie, Mischka, Sammy Jo).  

Over the years many animals have wandered into Judy & Steve’s lives.  Once around the 4th of July, she saw a little white Pomeranian (scared by fireworks) running down the highway. Many stopped, but as the little dog ran by Judy’s car, she jumped in when asked, “Do you want a cookie?” The little dog stayed with the Bucholtz for a couple of weeks until the owners and dog were reunited. One day, a tiny starving & sick kitten appeared on their back yard fence. They nursed her back to health and Sammy Jo is now a healthy, sassy, fun and active member of the family. Judy says: 

“I joined the FAYMAS board because pets need a loving home where they can be loved, wanted and spoiled.  The shelter provides so much for animals in need, that I feel honored to do whatever I can to help this organization.”

Elizabeth Roberts is the Public Relations Director of FAYMAS. She is also Green River College Alumni, having obtained her Associate’s Degree in Business (2015) and Bachelor’s in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (2017). She is currently focusing her efforts on family and FAYMAS.

Elizabeth lives with her parents, James – a local truck driver - and Trish - a stay at home mom. Both are members of FAYMAS, as well.

Elizabeth has always had animals growing up, ranging from fish to rabbits to dogs. She and her parents currently have two poodles, Maureen and Faye. She says: 

“Being given the chance to work for an organization that will help so many animals and families is an amazing opportunity. I’m excited to help the shelter move forward, and to get the local community involved in looking after our furry friends.”

"Friends At Your Metro Animal Shelter" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. PO Box 163, Puyallup, WA 98371. 


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