Tips to be Thankful For!



Tips to be Thankful For!

It’s that time of year again – the weather’s getting colder, the leaves are steadily falling, and plans are being made for the biggest feast of the year! That’s right! Thanksgiving is fast approaching!

Now we know that food is obviously going to be on your mind for most of the month – prepping how much to buy, make, how many plates to put out, how many desserts you really need in proportion to the turkey. Not to mention cleaning and decorating your house, and getting ready for guests. But there’s one more thing you need to think about.

Your pets.

The need to be on the lookout of potential hazards doesn’t end when Halloween is over. Thanksgiving and the following holiday season has its own bounty of concerns when it comes to keeping your pets safe, especially when it comes to food.

We all know that our furry friends are going to smell the deliciousness in the kitchen, and are going to want in on the taste-testing action, but be cautious! Even if the food is perfect for you, it may not be the same way for them! Thankfully (yes, pun fully intended), the ASPCA has put together a list of a few tips on how to keep your pets safe while you celebrate.

To see the list of tips follow the link!

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