Love is in the Air!


Love is in the Air!

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is everywhere! But so are potential health dangers for pets like the dashing Leroy, featured in the photo above.

While celebrating Valentine’s Day is a huge deal for most of the world, some of the best love that we can show is towards our pets, especially in how we care for them. So, while you’re making plans to woo your valentine, keep in mind how to help your pet celebrate the holiday as well.

The ASPCA has a list of tips and precautions that are definitely worth the read, and can help you keep your furry little love safe. This romantic holiday brings out a lot of chocolate, alcohol, and things to chew on, which your pet can see as a new adventure – unfortunately, it can have some dire consequences.

Check out the article from ASPCA below and enjoy your love-filled day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Safety Tips

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